Mon (Under 9)

Mon grades

Judo Australia defines “Mon” Girls/Boys as Junior practitioners who turn 6, 7 or 8 years old in the calendar year the grading or promotion is to occur. Kumataka Dojos min starting age is 7 years old.

In Kumataka Dojos there are 10 Kyu grades from White-yellow through to Green-blue.

The folowing links are under development and list the grade requirement for the listed belt.

White-Yellow belt  (JA Minimum age 5, KD min age 7)

White-Yellow Black-tip

Yellow belt (JA min 6, KD min 8)

Yellow-Orange (JFA min 7)

Yellow-Orange Black tip

Orange belt (JFA min 8)

Orange-green belt

Orange-green belt Black tip

Green belt

Green-blue belt

For grades over Green-blue the students age would put them into the next age-category. Please refer to the Yonen pages.

Members turning 9 and changing age groups should be taking three step-grades down, so a green belt would become orange in the older group – a Yellow-Orange would become White-Yellow, etc.

Grading prerequisites

Prior to grading in Judo, students must register with their state body.

For practitioners in NSW, that’s Judo NSW, and for practitioners in WA, that’s JWA.

A How-to for registeration is available form the Members Docs menu item.

This content is available to Judo practitioners at Kumataka Dojos.