Online Zoom schedule

Starting 28th April, Kumataka Dojos will run Term 2 sessions online. There are sessions every day except Wednesday and Sunday.

Weekly Schedule:

All classes contain benefit for members regardless of art you usually train in. Whilst most of the sessions contain solo exercises with benefit to practitioners of any of the arts, our Thursday session has a Karate focus. See each for the relevant attire suggestion.

Monday: Tom, functional strength and fitness for martial arts, 4pm AWT / 6pm Eastern – exercise gear
Tuesday: Gabe, jujutsu basics 4pm AWT / 6pm Eastern – Gi optional
Thursday: Wojtek, Karate basics and kata 4pm AWT / 6pm Eastern – Gi preferable.
Friday: Tom, functional strength and fitness for martial arts 4pm AWT / 6pm Eastern – exercise gear
Saturday: Gabe, jujutsu basics 8am AWT / 10am Eastern – Gi optional

Schedule updated starting 26th May to 6pm weekdays and is subject to further revision & addition according to need and availability – Judo specific session has been requested to complement Thursday’s Karate focused solo exercise sessions. Training in the park on Saturdays has also been requested and under consideration.

A link to an enrollment form was provided to all members, if you didnt get the mail, please see your Dojo Sensei. Follow the link to enroll.

After enrolling, you will get an email containing a series of invites. They contain the Zoom links & codes which are provided here.

Meeting ID:
913 4634 2859
Meeting ID:
974 6991 4572
Meeting ID:
952 4385 3899
Meeting ID:
965 5718 3367
Meeting ID:
994 2998 1076
Note: All times are Eastern Australian Standard (UTC +10)
ZoomLink URL contain meeting code and password.
All sessions share the same passcode / password: Time2sweat
Last updated May 26th 2020

If not already, please familiarize yourself with Zoom. Once in a meeting, Audio and Video controls can be found at the bottom left of the screen. The Zoom links will default to prefered settings; Computer Audio and Video On.

Please join the Zoom session a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

See you online in a Zoom session soon.

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