Kata Review resources

During lockdown for Term 3 2021 a series of 30min Kata review sessions for Nage-no-kata was created. Here are the resources. Nage-no-Kata is taught from Green belt and up.

Week 1

Set 1 – Te-waza and introduction.


A quick introduction and history of Nage-no-kata from the Kodokans English version of Kata Video.

This is an old video snip taken from an older “time-capsule” of Nage-no. A newer Kodokan Nage-no-kata is available from our Kata page.

2min20 with Audio.

Set 1 from the Kodokan Video – No Audi to allow for discussion. 2min
Set 1 from the Kodokan. (Old video) 6min with instructional Audio and multiple angles.
This clip explains ‘nape of the neck’ for Kata-guruma. Being an Old video the Kata-guruma leg ‘grip’ shown here has since evolved further.
William Oates and Gabriel Dayeh learn Set 1 under Patricia Harrington, Newtown Dojo. (circa 2016)
In the background, Ross Oates and Grant Cole practice Katame-no-kata, whilst Peter and Tom discuss Jujutsu and showing Kumiuchi to Lotus Dojos at the Newtown Dojo (and to encourage them to take up Sosuishiryu practice properly) 2min 30sec No audio
Andrew Mead and Ross Oates performing Nage-no-kata for their Sandan and Nidan, respectively. Epping Dojo. (circa 2014?)
Peter Williams and Robert McNaught doing Dan grades at Engadine. (circa 1998)

Week 2

Set 2.

Under Construction.
Resources being compiled – 15/7/21.

This content is intended for Judoka from Kumataka Dojos.