The second group.

Dai Nikyo

  1. Kosoto Gari
  2. Kouchi Gari
  3. Koshi Guruma
  4. Tsurikomi Goshi
  5. Okuriashi Harai
  6. Tai Otoshi
  7. Harai Goshi
  8. Uchi Mata

Kosoto Gari

Minor outside sweep, is similar to Ko-uichi-gari but done from the outside rather than the inside of the opponents foot. Kosoto gari is a small reap applied to uke’s foot at the moment uke is stepping forward or backward. Timing is essential in this throw, along with good kuzushi so thatuke’s posture is captured and he is unable to escape.

Kouichi gari

Minor-inner-hook, this technique involves throwing your opponent by sweeping or clipping the back of their heel just before their weight desends. In migi (right side) kouchi gari you use your right foot against their right heel from the inside

Koshi garuma

Similar to O-goshi in that uke comes over the hip, but going around uke’s collar/neck rather than waist line.

Tsuri komi goshi

Trusi-komi kumi-kata (grip) in migi, as shown on the right, is used for many other throws too, such as Tai-otoshi, but in Tsuri-komi-goshi is used to take Uke over your hip.

Hidari uses uke’s sleeve (sode) and so becomes Sode-tsuri-komi-goshi and can be very strong. (shown below)

Okuriashi Harai

Double foot sweep, is executed sideways, but is useful in many situaions including as tori leads uke into a turn.

This is also used in Nage-no-kata.

Tai Otoshi

Tai Otoshi, or Body Drop comes from the te-waza or hand-techniques as most of the throw is achieved using turning kuzushi and a small block on uke’s ankle.

Harai Goshi

Harai-goshi, sweeping hip throw, can be done in many directions, but is initially taught as uke is moving forward. Lots of tai-sabaki (body turn) is required to acheive Kake – the moment of throw.

Uchi Mata

Inner thigh throw, locally also called “ouchi-mata”, has tori sweep uke’s inside thigh with their whole leg, in a similar way to Harai-goshi.

This is a popular comp throw and often results in ippon.

This content is for Kumataka Dojos Judoka.