Seinen Roku-kyu

Cadet White-Yellow belt

This is a 6th kyu grade between white and yellow for members under 16 year old, with only a subset of the full Seinen Go-kyu (Adult Yellow belt) requirement. This grade includes an introduction to arm-bars and strangles.

Kumataka Dojos Cadet White-Yellow belt requires that a student must have;

  • Good attitude, correct observance of dojo etiquette and personal hygiene
  • Correct judogi with Kumataka badging, belt tied correctly
  • Financial member of Kumataka Dōjōs & Junior Member registration of JudoWA/JudoNSW


  1. Seizarei – Seated bow
  2. Ritsurei – Standing bow


  1. Shizen(hon)tai – Natural posture, neutral, migi (right), hidari (left)
  2. Jigo(hon)tai – Defensive posture, neutral, migi (right), hidari (left)

Ukemi waza

(Falling techniques)

  1. Mae sutemi zenpo kaiten (forward roll), terminating down and up, migi (right), hidari (left)
  2. Migi, hidari and Ushiro ukemi from standing

Nage waza

Throwing techniques, performed migi and hidari, static or in motion

Sasaetsurikomiashi – Propping drawing ankle throw
O soto gari – Major outer reap
Hiza guruma – Knee wheel
O goshi – Major hip throw

Sasae tsurikomi

Hiza guruma

O soto gari

O goshi

Nage Komi Extensions

In addition to these 4, Kumataka Dojos would also include instruction in these additional and related techniques.

Note, these extensions are not examined but the knowledge of them, and how they relate to the 4 above will be practiced in this grade.

Tsubame gaeshi – Swallow counter
O soto otoshi – Major outer drop
O soto gaeshi – Major outer counter

Tsubame gaeshi

O soto otoshi

O soto gaeshi

Renraku waza

Combination techniques performed either one side or the other. Must attack same leg in these two.

  1. Sasaetsurikomiashi -> O soto gari
  2. O soto gari -> Sasaetsurikomiashi

Kaeshi waza

Counter techniques

  1. Attack Sasaetsurikomiashi, counter with Sasaetsurikomiashi
  2. Attack O soto gari, counter with O soto gari

Katame waza

Grappling techniques

Osaekomi waza

Holding techniques applied and escaped from, migi and hidari

  1. Kesa gatame – Scarf hold
  2. Kata gatame – Shoulder hold
  3. Kuzure kesa gatame – Modified scarf hold

Kesa gatame

Kata gatame

Kuzure kesa gatame

Shime waza

Chokes and strangles applied migi and hidari. Cadets should practice these with care and supervision.

  1. Hada ka jime –Naked strangle
  2. Okuri eri jime – Sliding colar

Hada ka jime

Okuri eri jime

Kansetsu waza

Joint locking techniques applied migi and hidari. Cadets should practice these with care and supervision.

  1. Ude hishigi juji gatame – Cross lock
  2. Ude hishigi hiza gatame – Armlock against knee

Ude hishigi juji gatame

Ude hishigi hiza gatame

Ne waza bunkai

Ground technique application

  1. One turn over technique from ‘possum’, technique of choice
  2. One guard pass, transitioning to a hold down, technique of choice


Free practice

  1. Demonstrate attacking in throwing techniques
  2. Demonstrate appropriate stance and body movement (tai sabaki) in evading attacks
  3. Demonstrate combinations and counters from techniques learned
  4. Demonstrate correct ukemi

This content is intended for Kumataka Joduka.