Dear prospective Seibukan Member,
thank you for your interest and membership application to join Kumataka Dojos.

Not all Seibukan organizations have reciprocal affiliation with Kumataka Dojos, but some are recognized and for those we have a special affiliate or International Membership Category.

Whilst we process your application, access to our site will be limited to new-member status. Once verified your access will be expanded to the relevant sections for your Seibukan Dojo. (some ‘affiliations’ are loser than others and are art-specific)

Please sign and return the form we email you electronically, as we don’t expect you to hand it to one of our Australian Dojo Sensei. (Although we’d love to see you in one of our Australian Dojo….anytime….)

Please Note: There are many Seibukan Dojo around the world. Membership applications from members of a Seibukan Dojo not associated (or unaffiliated) with Kumataka Dojos may be declined.

– Kumataka Dojos Membership Office